About Me

My qualifications in counselling, as a End of Life Doula and life coaching are reflections of my awe of individual people and love of personal development. I have worked in a male prison, numerous mental health settings, children’s and adult hospices which has given me massive life experience and professional development. My own life has given me huge personal challenges which has increased my knowledge and experience through counselling and group work and have met many great teachers, mentors and wise beings.

In my spare time you’ll find me playing with horses who have also been a huge influence on me, teaching me about leadership, relationship, thinking outside the box and fun. As a dyslexic I discovered audio books and get through many book particularly on what makes humans strive in difficult circumstances and how we learn to thrive. Otherwise time with my family of cats, dogs, grown up kids and the garden keep me balanced and happy.

All of this puts me in a great position to be of service to those struggling in life or nearing the end of life. I am a naturally compassionate , open minded, empowering person willing to work from intuition as well as traditional knowledge. My passion is to help you build a solid foundation from which to build the life you want to live.

I have a private counselling and EoL Doula practise, teach with Soul Companions, deliver Bereavement Support Groups around Surrey for the Brigitte Trust and volunteer with Shooting Star Chase, Brigette Trust and Phylis Tuckwell Hospice.


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