Workshops & Groupwork

Befriending Death-Enhancing Life Workshop

This is a one day workshop where a small group of people explore the often unmentionable, often scary yet inevitable subject of death. From my extensive work with people who have been bereaved it is clear many of them want to openly consider and be prepared for our death. This not only helps us make the most of life but to help our loved ones avoid some of the difficulties many experience when grieving.

  • Firstly we explore our fears, beliefs, experiences and hopes around our death and those close to us.
  • Secondly start to create an advanced care plan which incorporates our wishes if we were to become incapacitated. Organise our affairs and have clear guidance as to funeral arrangements and possibly leaving messages for loved ones.
  • Through a guided meditation and considering death we finish with an exercise to help design our life going forward, with our new connectedness to our time limited existence.

Although serious in nature this will be a bonding, enlightening and positive day. Lunch and refreshments are provided. £85 per person or £350 for a family group. Based in Godalming, Surrey. 10am to 5pm.

Mastering Me

Through years of counselling experience it would seem many of us have lacked education on who we are and how we tick. These 5 week courses of self discovery, personal development and self management are loosely structured. With my extensive self development tool kit, each group will cover what is appropriate to them, be that tackling particular often recurring issues, self care, achieving goals, tap into your inner knowing and finding the balance you are looking for.

Groups will be kept fairly small, around 5 participants. Refreshments provided. 2.5 hours. £250 for 5 weeks

Please note that it may be suggested that counselling is undertaken whilst on this course for extra support. This can be provided by any counsellor you choose.

Grief Support

There are so many myths, pressures and felt rules for many who grieve, making a loss even harder to withstand and often in a silent world where their loved one is not mentioned. In this 10 week course I will help you to find your own path through grief within a small group who form a safe space and a supportive community. I enable the group to tend to grief on all levels; exploring and understanding emotions, developing mental clarity and strength, practical tips for everyday living and the opportunity to explore spiritual comforts, be this in guided meditations, starting a legacy project or simply finding ways to keep your loved one close to your heart as you journey forward.

For many there are extra challenges of past losses resurfacing, difficult relationship with the deceased or turmoil in family dynamics since the loss. These can all be addressed under this 10 week umbrella – giving you some shelter to stop and tend truly to your grief.

2 hours. 10 weeks. Zoom or face to face. Group size 3-5 people. £200