I would like to offer 5 free sessions of any of my skill sets

Celebrant (funeral, naming ceremony, birthday, retirement celebrations)
End of life Doula
Counselling- 1-1 (6 sessions) or group work (3 workshops)
Advanced Care Planning document
Life coaching (3 sessions)

I would like to share my experience, knowledge and love of people and exploring more positive ways of being. I have so many tools, techniques, exercises and insights from many many courses, books and personal development that I have collected over the past 25 years.

For those of you who do not know my counselling expertise is in childhood sexual abuse, PTSD, anxiety management and anger management. I also now specialise in Grief therapy which is inclusive of so many types of loss – of a human, a pet, a job/career, a relationship or dream. I do 1-1 counselling, couples and love the healing power of group work.

This work does not have to only be accessed when you have hit rock bottom. I would love to get groups of people together and do positive, fun stuff. Perhaps you and a couple of friends have always pondered life, particular frustrations or dreams unfulfilled. Self development and self awareness are not only nurturing to yourself but so often are then shared with others – yep making the world a softer, kinder place, I’m proud to make that a goal.

I have a therapy room big enough for a group of 5 in Guildford area which is Covid unfriendly! As in we can follow all the recommended guidelines. However can travel but much of the work I do can be done over the phone or zoom too.

I look forward to hearing from you – remember 5 free – and please also share with anyone who may not be accessing these services due to finances.


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